You Spoke, We Listened

Over the past few months, we asked you to tell us what temporary uses could happen at the Buffalo and Club Café Site (5021 Ross Street). After reviewing all the feedback and ideas submitted, we are happy to announce that this space is now bookable community event space.

If your group is interested in hosting your next community event on this site, apply for a Special Event Permit here.

Ideas Submitted

24 April, 2024

Linda says:

I love this idea and strongly support it. It would be a great place for pop-up concerts, outdoor art exhibits, an outdoor movie theatre…

23 April, 2024

Pippin says:

Housing for homeless. Due to the surrounding homeless and addiction issues anything else you put on this spot will be useless.

22 April, 2024

Hi says:

Edible garden with free summer concerts etc

21 April, 2024

noneya says:

Not temporary but please build a multi use arts centre here!

15 April, 2024

Murphy says:

Feature a few different food trucks and have some tables set up for people to sit and eat. Chess tables and plants to make it nice.

15 April, 2024

Taxpayer says:

Free parking?? Why did I pay a ton of taxes to renovate the building for it to just be torn down? Seems like bad investment.

15 April, 2024

Hm says:

Flower stand/floral wall for photos Outdoor games - painted on the ground like chess/checkers benches

15 April, 2024

rd says:

Dining in an igloo (with lights strung and planters around so it doesn't feel like a busy street

15 April, 2024

reddeerian says:


15 April, 2024

reddeerian says:

Plaza or small rink in the winter, Seating area in the summer w/ hedges for privacy, Outdoor fitness, pop ups, coffee shop

15 April, 2024

emmastath says:

Make it an innovation centre for inventors to present their inventions.

13 April, 2024

Isaakmc says:

Community use basketball court