With the successful demolition of the buildings at 5021 and 5023 Ross Street, including the former Buffalo Hotel and Club Café, our downtown landscape has opened up to new possibilities. As we lay the groundwork for long-term redevelopment, we have a unique opportunity to temporarily transform these spaces in innovative and community-driven ways.

Temporary projects can have a lasting impact. They offer a chance to experiment with new concepts, bring vibrancy and life to underutilized areas, and provide immediate benefits to the community while long-term plans are being developed.

Your ideas and creativity are vital in shaping the temporary use of these now-vacant sites. Whether it's for public art, pop-up events, community gardens, or something entirely new, we invite you to share your vision for these spaces.

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What temporary use would you like to see and why?

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25 February, 2024

Chris Rod says:

Red Deer Auto Show and Motor Exhibit 2024 - Gathering of customized, restored & upgraded cars and motorbikes from oldies to newest models

24 February, 2024

Frank Bauer says:

Wednesday market; temporary playing area, compared to Capstone; Indigenous space

21 February, 2024

JillB says:

Basketball court/skating rink with interactive public art

20 February, 2024

KSmith says:

Build an outdoor food court w/ artificial turf that's pet friendly & painted sea cans to store furniture and patio umbrellas.

20 February, 2024

Seth Van Havere says:

Temporary: pop-up events, like pancake breakfasts during Westerner Days, Family Day events, MAG pop-ups, etc. Cultural and corporate events.

17 February, 2024

shelley smith says:

many small ethnic stores dotted around red deer have them all in one indoor space-- make downtown a foodie place-olives & cheese, bakeryetc

17 February, 2024

shelley smith says:

Please give the citizens of red deer an indoor year round farmers market!!! The county has one but too far, why not us? or an ethnic market

16 February, 2024

Adam says:

Sell it to a developer so nothing can be built for another 20 years. Unfortunately it’s better than anything City of red deer would do.

14 February, 2024

RYAN says:

Food trucks and outdoor movies!

14 February, 2024

Yimena says:

Night movies, farmer sales, gardens with coffee shops

12 February, 2024

RADAM says:

It wouldn't be a temporary use building, but we need a big mall Downtown, that connects the parking lots and Buffallo Hotel site.

12 February, 2024

Mike says:

Sell the land to me.

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